Hello, I’m Lucy! I started Tolstoy Therapy back in 2012 to share my experience of using fiction to support my mental health – in particular, anxiety disorders and autism spectrum disorder. I didn’t think my writing would ever have an audience, so millions of page views later, it’s awesome that you’re here and reading this.

Since starting this website, I graduated with a degree in English Literature and Spanish, travelled solo around Europe, and met my now-husband before moving to Switzerland. I lived alone by the mountains for a few years, which you can read about in my book, Mountain Song: A Journey to Finding Quiet in the Swiss Alps.

On my twenty-fifth birthday in 2018 I left my job and started my own business, and now I make things and share what I know over at livewildly.co. You can read about my business journey in my book, Simple Business. I live in Copenhagen with my husband, Iain.

Want to say hi? You can reach out anytime via lucy@tolstoytherapy.com.